Khanga Fish

Khanga Fish

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Fresh Khanga Fish | Taste Of Chilika

Buy Khanga Fish the Taste Of Chilika online at Chilika Fish! We provide fresh, clean, cut into pieces of Khanga fish that are ready to cook some delicious dishes. With us, get the opportunity to enjoy Khanga Fish that contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids available at low prices. 

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Khanga Fish is a Chilika Lake delicacy that every fish lover wants to have on their plate. The local favorite yummy Khanga fish has fewer bones and is used for preparing a variety of fish dishes. Found in subtropical and coastal tropical water, this fish has an earthy and delicious flavor.  

Health Advantages of Eating Khanga Fish:

  • It helps in brain development 
  • It is good for your heart
  • It proves to be beneficial for controlling asthma problem
  • It keeps your lungs healthier

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, the Khanga fish can lower inflammation throughout the system and lessen the risk of coronary illness. 

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