Desi Mahuradi (1kg)

Desi Mahuradi (1kg)

₹219.00 ₹249.00

Buy desi mahuradi fish online at Chilika Fish! We provide fresh mahuradi fish straight from the shore to your doorstep.

What are the specialties of the mahuradi fish?

  • It contains omega-3 fatty acids beneficial for brain and body development
  • It has a high level of nutrition for promoting an overall health
  • It lowers the risk of coronary diseases
  • It is rich in calcium and vitamin D
  • It has the best source of nutrients that improve eyesight

 Buy online mahuradi fish at the best affordable price from Chilika Fish today! We take the optimal care and sanitation from cleaning to delivering the mahuradi fish to your doorstep. 

Why rely on Chilika Fish to get Mahuradi?

  • Get the fresh catch straight from the shore
  • Get the most reliable payment options
  • Get the order to deliver right on time at your doorstep
  • Get preservative and chemical-free Mahuradi fish

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