Chilika kantala Prawn (500gram)

Chilika kantala Prawn (500gram)

₹275.00 ₹325.00

Order Chilika Kantala Prawn online at Chilika Fish! We provide 500-gram Chilika Kantala prawns cleaned and peeled as per your requirement. 

  • Our Kantala prawn is sourced straight from the Chilika Lakeshore. 
  • Our goal is to provide you preservative-free and fresh prawns
  • Our team take the best care about cleaning and delivering the prawns
  • Our friendly team is there to answer any queries related to the Chilika Kantala Prawns

About Chilika Kantala Prawns:

  • These prawns are full of nutrients
  • These prawns are low in carbohydrates and packed with protein
  • These prawns aid in weight loss and help to build muscle

The freshwater Kantala prawns can be used for cooking a variety of mouthwatering dishes. With us, you do not have to engage in cleaning and deveining the prawns. We provide peeled and deveined kuntala prawns from Chilika Lake to your doorstep. 

The juicy and delicious meat of the kantala prawns make them best for:

  • Pan-fried dish
  • Grilled recipes
  • Curries and more

Contact us today to order Chilika Kantala Prawns in Bhubaneswar! 

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