Chilika Crab Test of chilika (1KG | 6 pices)

Chilika Crab Test of chilika (1KG | 6 pices)

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Get Black Crab Online In Bhubaneswar available in with very affordable price. Here FREE HOME DELIVERY is available in BHUBANESWAR Black Crab is full of minerals and vitamins, crab beef can be also saturated in fat also comprises omega – 3 fats. It gives protection against cardiovascular problems and assists brain advancement. Some investigation implies Omega-3 additionally inhibits competitive behavior. Black crab is otherwise called as Alaska Crab . This is among the absolute most common seafood goods with valid motive. It’s yummy and Provides a Number of wellness advantages:

Buy Chilika Crab online at Chilika Fish! We provide fast and safe crab delivery in Bhubaneswar. Our team provides you a fresh taste of Chilika Crabs that are fresh and preservative-free. We make sure you get the best and fresh catch-Chilika a crab straight from the shore to your doorstep. As per your requirement, we deliver the crabs that are gutted, cleaned, and quartered into 5 pieces. 

What are the specialties of Chilika Crab?

  • Juicy and tender meat
  • The sweet and earthy flavor
  • Best for preparing curries and soups
  • Great source of protein and vitamin


At Chilika Fish, we take utmost care in providing you only the best and fresh crabs from the Chilika shore. Every crab lover’s dream is to enjoy Chilika’s crab delicacy! Allow us to make your dream into reality by providing you fresh Chilika Crabs that are juicy and rich in taste.

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